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New Pop-Office: “Wheels Strikes You Down”

FOND MEMORY: I spent six months living in Osaka a few years ago, and it was mostly wasted time. I worked, maybe went to the gym, wandered around a bit and maybe ordered a pizza. Despite being in a big city, I didn’t do much. I did go to a local music festival once, mainly to see Nagoya’s Pop-Office play inside what amounted to a recording studio. It was everything I hoped for and more than justified the price of the ticket.

I haven’t thought about Pop-Office in a while (though go listen to the I Was Killed Here EP, please please please), but here they are with a new song called “Wheels Strikes You Down,” an intimidating bit of rock featuring some growly electronic touches, anchored by Pop-Office’s big dramatic vocals. Glad to think about this group again, listen above.