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New Post Modern Team: By The Sea EP

We’ve now reached the point where this new wave of Japanese indie-pop bands are releasing music at such a madcap rate where keeping up with it can be more challenging than actually listening to the music and getting lost in the sound. I guess this could be brushed aside by saying that it’s just indie-pop, the sort of jingle-jangle recorded and tossed out into the online ether in an afternoon. Yet that’s not fair, because a lot of the music coming out of this scene in Japan today deserves more than a cursory SoundCloud dashboard listen. Osaka’s Post Modern Team are one such act worthy of extended time, and their new By The Sea EP is a good gateway. The title track lacks the coastal catchiness of their first song “Never Let You Down,” but boasts a slightly harsher guitar sound and a structure resembling early Oasis. It’s a grower, but once it sinks its claws in, watch out. Plus, Post Modern Team throw on a nice cover of Another Sunny Day’s “Anorak City.” Spend some time with both. Listen below, and download here.