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New Puffyshoes: “Alright”


Ahhhh Puffyshoes, you know just what people need to hear right now. Glance at any current events site or turn on any terror-inducing 24-hour news channel and you’ll quickly get the sense that the world is undeniably doomed. It goes beyond the front page though – in Japan this time of year marks as a strange transition between business years, so people get on edge as they await to see if they’ll be shipped to a different office or have to put up with some stinky new co-worker next to them. In America this is typically the time high school kids discover their college fate, and the time university kids begin bracing for the “real world.” Hell, I can’t be alone in also staring the future straight in the eye and immediately wanting to hide under my bedsheets, eating Twinkies to escape the inevitable. So Puffyshoes’ new song “Alright” features one line repeated a lot of times that, even if a bit naive, is the sort of thing I at least need while staring down job postings – “Everything is going to be alright.”

Sonically, “Alright” finds the duo cutting back on the fuzzy noise of past releases, opting instead for an echoey sound that makes it appear this song could have been recorded from a next-door room (or recorded live). It’s extremely laid back for Puffyshoes, allowing the upbeat message to float to the top without worrying about being drowned out by guitar screechin’ as sometimes was the case on Something Gold. Let these positive vibes carry into your weekend.