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New Rapunzel8083: “指の呪文”

I don’t know whether Rapunzel8083 pulled the vocal sample at the heart of “指の呪文” out of this clip or another recording of a song featuring the same name as her latest track, but wherever it comes from it ends up being one of the more attention-grabbing sounds I’ve heard in a Japanese song this year. Whereas most electronic artists in this country and beyond pull voices from R&B, Rapunzel8083 summons one from the world of classical singing, a voice with the sort of timbre to be cast as a chorus in some Greek tragedy. Oresteia this isn’t though, as Rapunzel8083 harnesses that dramatic voice and sews it into a hop-scotch beat, one filled out by appropriately moody piano and a few digital wrinkles that remind us this isn’t a song for ancient Athens, but rather Earth 2012. Like her previous works, “指の呪文” ends up twisting into a new form late in the track, piano pushed to the forefront and the general drama of the whole song upped quite a bit. It’s not quite as mind melting as some of Rapunzel8083’s other uploads, but one that is much more patient and refined. Listen below.

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