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New Rayons Featuring Predawn: “Waxing Moon”

Remember that one month I had a “things we missed post?” And said I’d do that every month? Good times, please move forward. If I had managed to keep that going, Rayons September release The World Left Behind certainly would have made an appearance. Rayons is a project helmed by one (semi mysterious) woman composer, creating refined songs anchored by string arrangements and occasional guest vocalists. Folk singer Predawn has been involved in some of Rayons best moments before, and she plays a central role in their latest highlight “Waxing Moon,” which saw a new video released yesterday. This is the most dramatic she’s ever been, moving from a hushed confessional tone to something approaching Bjork. The music matches Predawn’s big gestures, Rayons adding subtle electronic touches to up the drama even further. Listen above.