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New Sakanaction: “Hasu No Hana”

Point one – Sakanaction, despite being a very “serious” sounding band, deserve credit for tending to make goofy-fun videos. Just look at how much of a ball Ichiro Yamaguchi is having at the end.

OK, the actual song – Sakanaction’s latest single is now out (and has a video), so let’s talk a little about “Hasu No Hana.” The band have been relatively quiet in 2014, having released only one single (featuring two songs) back at the start of the year. They’ve also been reflective – “Eureka” remains one of the year’s best songs, a shuffling electronic number that knows just when to burst apart (probably Sakanaction’s best attribute, timing) and knows how to make one feel conflicted about Tokyo. The other side was the totally forgettable “Goodbye,” which was one of those “Sakanaction is super popular now, guess they have to make songs for TV shows too.” Accept “Eureka” was for the TV and “Goodbye” just was so…huh.

“Hasu No Hana” rests somewhere between those two, an understated number that is at its best when guitars, drums, synths and vocals lock together at the chorus to create an aching bit of repetition that sounds just wobbly enough. The verses are…fine, though nothing remarkable when not put through lyrical scrutiny. But I’ll take the chorus…and the little pick-up in speed near the end…which dominates overall. Listen/watch above.