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New Sapphire Slows: “Keep Beating”

At this month’s SonarSound event in Tokyo, Sapphire Slows played in the middle of a heavy storm, the sort bordering on being typhoon-like. Her music, which swirls around and hides an unsettling edge, managed to sound even better when matched up with the heavy winds and buckets of rain that turned a nearby food court into a wading pool. I don’t remember if “Keep Beating” ended up in that night’s set, but if it did it would probably be one of the only one of her tracks not to match the mood – this unreleased song, which Gorilla Vs. Bear premiered and will appear on an upcoming compilation of all her previously released material, is Sapphire Slows at her calmest and most comforting. Whereas the bulk of her previous material creates tension between dance beats and wispy electronics, they all converge on “Keep Beating” to create a warm, group-hug of a track. Listen below, and check for more from one of Japan’s best artists going as the year progresses.