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New Satellite Young: “Moment In Slow Motion”

Satellite Young was out in front on providing alternative angles to nostalgic sounds, and have always introduced some sort of wink into their retro-leaning synth-pop. “Moment In Slow Motion,” however, is a simple reminder that for all the app jokes and Twitter nods, Satellite Young can just write a dazzling pop number that doesn’t need any extra tricks to it. “Moment In Slow Motion” opens with machine percussion and a killer bass line, soon joined by sparkling synth melodies that give the song a familiar neon glow, but with a little more strut this time around. Over it all, the vocals are split up between an English and Japanese side, and while there is a reference to “screens,” the words here are purely on capturing feeling, something bittersweet and fleeting. Get it here, or listen below.