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New Seiho: “Evening”

Look, I have no idea what the term “post-dubstep” actually means. Something about James Blake I think, but not the part of him that covers Feist songs. Keeping up with all these new fangled genre names can be pretty exhausting.

If post-dubstep sounds like Seiho’s “Evening,” though, I want in on this.

Seiho’s having a pretty productive year – he got his Day Tripper label off the ground, released one of the best albums of 2012 so far and is doing big things with his pal Avec Avec in Sugar’s Campaign. He’s already done enough to show the world he’s a prolific and mad-smart guy…but he went and released the stunning “Evening” anyway. This is head-spinning dance music, all Christmas-light plinks and some really nice minimal bass. The main attraction, though, is the warped vocal sample…which I think comes from this Ultra Nate song? Not positive, got a hunch though…which shifts around throughout the whole song. I’m sure you can group this in some specific style, but I just want to hear Seiho. Listen below.

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