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New Seiho: “Peach And Pomegranate”

The first time I ever saw Seiho play — and talked to him at all — came at the very end of 2011, at an EDM party in Osaka. He wasn’t making bass-heavy whiplash music, though, but rather cosmic-leaning stuff that would have slid in well within the LA beat scene. Since, he’s explored many directions — euphoric release, more traditional house, sweltering swerves — and his latest song “Peach And Pomegranate” sees Seiho returning back to space. It resembles, in structure, one of his more ragin’ cuts, as it builds and drops and works in all sorts of twists between those two points, but Seiho deconstructs the process so that only the barest materials are present. The inclusion of nature samples, like birds chirping, underlines this, like he’s putting this together in a zen garden.

It comes off of his new full-length album Collapse, which is out May 20 via LA’s Leaving Records. Listen above.