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New Shiggy Jr.: “Baby I Love You” (Demo)

That “Jr.,” at first, looked like just some stylistic flair, nothing particularly spectacular in a country where band names typically LooL LIke thIS. Yet Shiggy Jr.’s new sounds-ready demo “Baby I Love You” proves that youth is vital to this outfit, whether intentional or just low-hanging fruit for bloggers (*raises hand). Like “Saturday Night To Sunday Morning” before it, “Baby I Love You” is a catchy, guitar-centric song, although this time around there is a heavy emphasis on electronic squiggle sounds, adding a glossy sheen to this song. It’s plenty ear-wormy on its own, but what makes it even better is the conviction in which the vocals are delivered. Seemingly mundane, hyper-innocent lyrics – before it was about staying up all night, here it is being in love, “this about love that lasts forever,” – become mission statements in the hands of a young band like this, delivered with all the belief only someone just exiting the teenage years can muster up. Listen below.