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New Shiggy Jr.: “Koishitara Baby”

If the sounds of that thing called the “city pop revival” are here to stay for at least another year and a half, then let’s put all of our mental energy into making sure Shiggy Jr. end up the main staple of this style represented on the radio. They aren’t a group that you sit around anticipating a big artistic statement from, but rather just the right kind of single that will sound perfect when the summer hits. They have a track record, and now here comes “Koishitara Baby,” as solid a song from Shiggy Jr. as you could ask for — big disco strokes, an easy-breezy pace, a video actually referencing city pop. And it all builds up to the place where the band excel the most, the hook, here as big and radio-ready as it can be. Coupled with their dance touches — that late breakdown! — this is Shiggy Jr. doing what they do best. Listen above.