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New Shiggy Jr.: “Summertime Love”

Tokyo outfit Shiggy Jr. are specifically talented at two things:

1. Songs about the summer

2. Late breakdowns that up the drama of the proceeding pop jam significantly.

Point two is especially worth pointing out, as it is what transformed last year’s hoppy “Listen To The Music” from a very good single to something I babbled about deserving to be “song of the summer.” The same trick plays out on “Summertime Love,” which acts as their “major-label debut” despite every single they’ve released prior to this one sounding worthy of that distinction too. Before the late track jolt comes in, it is a lovely little pop song, the electro hop-scotch of “Listen To The Music” swapped out for graceful disco strings (and, let’s get this out of the way, a fantastic video that works in a Sekai No Owari joke?). It sounds a little similar to what they’ve done before..but if it works, why not? No need for Shiggy Jr. unplugged. And then comes the breakdown, which isn’t quite as exciting as last year’s house ramp-up, but makes the end all the more satisfying. Watch above.