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New Sleet Mage: “You’ll Float 2”

Make Believe Melodies failed to cover the last two songs Sleet Mage appeared on, and we regret this error. That’s amplified by this being year-end season, which means going through all of 2018’s releases and seeing how what Sleet Mage does so well is lacking in…so much other Japanese rap. While the Sapporo artist’s reference points are pretty obvious, Sleet Mage synthesizes them into something that become their own. “You’ll Float 2” finds Sleet Mage rapping over one of the harder beats they’ve had in recent memory — while it leaves room for reflection, it isn’t all that weepy, and generally bobs and weaves ahead — but with the emotional edge still intact. That’s all thanks to their voice, one of the most distinct going, and one that Sleet Mage continues to get a better grip on with each release — to the point they can warp it in all kinds of directions here, giving the song a disorienting feel. Listen above.