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New Snail’s House: Ordinary Songs 4

The Ordinary Songs series serves as Snail’s House’s state of the union, of sorts. While the most popular “kawaii” producer in Japan at the moment goes off in all sorts of directions, Ordinary Songs is them at their most cuddly, constructing pleasant playroom-ready melodies from an assortment of synths, bells and other toy-chest-ready noises. The latest installment doesn’t push into new territory, but rather highlights how refined Snail’s House has gotten. Even the genial opener “Welcome” features more depth, with carefully placed chimes that make the fanfare all the more inviting. “Hello” adds speak-n-spell vocals to generate a slight tension before everything slows down a bit, while highlight “Sunday” pushes a variety of sounds and interlocking melodies together to create a deceptively simple cut. Get it here, or listen below.