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New Spangle Call Lilli Line Featuring Moto Kawabe From Mitsume: “Feel Uneasy”

The news hook is that Spangle Call Lilli Line have a new album, Ghost Is Dead, out on November 11. The intrigue is in the inclusion of Mitsume singer Moto Kawabe on the song “Feel Uneasy,” the first taste of the full-length since July’s “Azure.” Given Spangle Call Lilli Line’s long-running existence, it feels like a bit of a christening, of pulling him into the universe of a band who boast one of the more consistently great song catalogs in Japanese rock. Yet ultimately — and as it should be — the song itself is all that really needs to be focused on. It certainly fits the band’s vibe — strolling around aimlessly late at night — but they take advantage of the extra voice with some nifty dueting and — in the homestretch of the song — some vocal ping-pong, which adds an intriguing confusion to the proceedings. Not every walk at dusk can be so simple. Listen above.