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New Stuck In Summer: Stuck In Summer EP

Anyone living in Japan at the moment probably wishes for a bit of summer overload – the nation is currently dealing with a typhoon, with ANOTHER typhoon on the way for the end of the week. Here comes Osaka’s Stuck In Summer, though, to give us all a splash of the season with their Stuck In Summer EP. Before even listening to a note of this thing, it’s clear they have summer on the mind…because every song save for one features the word “summer” in the title. Oddly enough, the best track on this release is the one without “summer” in it’s name – opener “You” takes the project’s sweat-lined synth pop and introduces a woman’s voice, a sweet touch alongside Stuck In Summer’s primary male singer. The rest of the songs on Stuck In Summer veer closer to a more keyboard-centric take on the current crop of Japanese indie pop, tracks like “Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Summer” and “Summertime’s Gone” (which comes complete with opening sample about surfing). Try to ignore the lame weather through some summery pop. Get it here, or listen below.