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New Suiyoubi No Campanella: “Ra”

Maybe it’s because you can’t channel ancient Egypt without making it seem “epic,” or maybe just because the video for “Ra” reminds me of a (uhhh, former) J-Pop superstar’s video (let alone Katy Perry), but Suiyoubi No Campanella’s latest in the run up to her new album sees her going big. Suiyobi No Campanella already had plenty of momentum heading into this album — commercial appearances, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu retweets, a general air of “next big thing” — but whereas as recent videos found her picking up crystals in a forest and wandering around Shibuya, “Ra” gives her a visual largeness to match this bubbling hype. I mean, back-up dancers and a credit roll…to sell yourself as a “star,” you need to carry the air of one, and “Ra” the video is clearly aiming for the fences.

Sonically, “Ra” shows the flip side of something written about here earlier. For all the inclusions of traditional Japanese sounds, the Suiyoubi project is also tapped in to the sounds of now (particularly electronic music), and the most interesting touches here are Jersey Club inspired, with a touch of EDM wonkiness added in too. This is overall, like the video, a shot at something more populist, but sneaking in some interesting sounds in the process. Listen above.