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New Super VHS: “I’ll Still Love You”

Super VHS seem to be focusing on the inevitable endings hurled at one throughout life. They recently came to grips with the passing of the best season, and on new song “I’ll Still Love You” they hopelessly croon “I’ll still love you anyway.” Though it might not be the best prescription, they should probably keep probing this emotional cavern because these last few songs keep topping one another in overall quality. “I’ll Still Love You” works so well, I’m gonna give it the biggest backhanded criticism I can…song is way too short.

Whereas Super VHS have hovered around the chill border for awhile now, “I’ll Still Love You” hops to life from the get-go courtesy a jogging beat and sprinting guitar touches. The vocals remain relatively shrouded, moving so quickly they seemingly come close to tripping over themselves, only the aforementioned chorus rising above a muffle. Though that line packs a direct emotional punch, the main heart of “I’ll Still Love You” thumps via a whirring synth rising up and then back down throughout the track’s too-brief run. It captures the hopelessness of the whole titular situation just right – a machine trying to delude itself into thinking it won’t be outdated recyclables some day. The entire jaunt lasts 1:33, though I wish it could go on a whole lot longer. But then again, I think that’s the point. Listen below.

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