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New Takeaki Oda: Loop EP

One of the most charming qualities of chillwave back during the sun-dappled heyday of 2009 was the sense of familiarity the music coming out of this world conjured up. Takeaki Oda goes the next step on his new Loop EP, by incorporating a whole lot of familiar samples into the hazy music he makes (chillwave will never die in Japan). Listen to the glistening title track and wait for the sound of anime and the fairy from Legend Of Zelda to pop up in the swirl. Or how “Summer Rain” makes heavy use of Playstation main-screen transition sounds to add a disorienting vibe to an otherwise laid-back number. These touches add a level of intimacy to Oda’s recordings — well, as long as you played lots of video games in the ’90s — and help make Loop stand out a bit. The addition of a remix of the title track by Shortcake Collage Tape helps too. Listen below, or get it here.