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New Talon: “Miss You”

The fledgling Fantasing label really making this summer count – they’ve released two split EPs in about two months, both of which featuring music that seems designed for the scorching months and no other time. I can’t picture any of the songs put out by Fantasing’s main bands, Talon and Young Agings, hitting Bandcamp in December. It would be like pouring snowcone flavoring over all your food in a desperate bid to recapture the summer…ultimately a hopeless endeavor. The label’s planning yet another split in the coming weeks, and have a preview of it with Talon’s “Miss You.” It’s another fast-paced guitar song, lasting a whole minute and a half (long for Talon, actually) and featuring nothing more than fuzzy guitars, drums and slightly clouded vocals. It doesn’t wast time establishing itself as catchy, because Talon knows nobody wants to waste July listening to a five-minute intro. Quick, catchy guitar pop from a young group that proves Tokyo’s indie scene is moving in the right direction, what with Teen Runnings being the obvious inspiration. Listen below.