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New The Beauty: “Fifth Regret”


Talking about emotion in music is a tricky subject, because so often the writer secretly ends up projecting their feelings onto a song or album that could have come from an entirely different place. It’s an extreme example, but if you ever go to to check out lyrics you’ll always find misguided, probably teenage thoughts connecting a song clearly about a car or the Iraq war with something happening to them. “This is just like my life!” Rarely it actually is.

The artists on the CUZ ME PAIN label specialize in sounds capable of crawling beneath your skin and making you think they know the inner workings of your soul, when in fact they are probably just producing really good club-meets-bedroom fare that happen to have ghostly vocal samples and melancholic names. This leads us to The Beauty’s new track “Fifth Regret,” a song that with every subsequent listen rings more emotional than the last. I fear I’m becoming that anonymous song interpreter, hurling my current inner woes onto a song that doesn’t even have lyrics, just other-dimensionally vocal blurbles. It, like most of the CUZ ME PAIN line-up’s output, is a well produced song that feel vaguely haunted, “Fifth Regret” boasting a nice bass line and those strange voices. Yet something else within this song strikes me, at least, making it one of The Beauty’s best efforts to date. Or maybe this is just like my life.