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New THE BEAUTY: “Secret Diamond Deal”

Remember the split cassette that recently came out on CUZ ME PAIN which caused us to gush about previously-unheralded bedroom popper Jesse Ruins? That entry mostly ignored the dude who nabbed the other side of the tape, THE BEAUTY. Now the all-caps artist has shared a new track from his end, called “Secret Diamond Deal.” Though not as revelatory – at least initially – as Jesse Ruins’ stuff, “Diamond” shows marked growth for The Beauty. It sometimes edges too close to pointless drone, but for the most part the song lets warm synth rays smother the listener. THE BEAUTY’s best touch here and on his previous releases remains his vocal stylings, a heavily manipulated robo-sputter buried well behind the veil of electronics. It’s a ghostly effect, a dieing computer trying to get one last sentence out before it’s all over. This tape just keeps getting better.

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