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New The Let’s Go’s: “Rock N’ Roll Star”


What’s the best way of dealing with life’s annoyances? Like the “bottomless fires” option on the menu at whatever America-chain exists in your neighborhood, those roadblocks just keep coming. And you can’t get out of them – EVERY item on the menu comes with them, even the salads. Errrrr, maybe you get the metaphor. More to the point – even when everything is going super well in your little ol’ life SOMETHING will eventually creep along and make you at least a little apprehensive about the future. Maybe your cushy job contract is coming to an end and you need new employment. Maybe you need to get an oil change for your car. Maybe you’ve realized the lameness of that American-themed restaurant. Or even worse, how badly you are projecting in a music blog. It happens.

How to deal? The Let’s Go’s bring up a good idea – just sorta stupidly rock away, preferably with a good escapist scenario in your head. “Rock N’ Roll Star” isn’t a particularly deep number – the trio lower their heads and plows through a very unmessy chord progression. All while shouting a few words, mostly the title over and over and over again. Not Terrence Malick, but a fun stomper that, based on the silly video, focuses on dreaming of being a rock n’ roll star. Sometimes uncomplicated rock songs can be a welcome diversion from Odd Future thinkpieces AND the looming terror of funemployment. “Rock N’ Roll Star,” welcome to my daily playlist.

(Thanks to SparkPlugged for this)