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New The Mirraz: “あーあ”

Initially I wanted to open this post wondering aloud about how The Mirraz can release so much new music in so little time. They released one album late last year and this week the follow-up LP We Are The Fuck’N World sees the light of day, with “あーあ” serving as our first taste of this album. A little thinking plus a lot of replays of this new song, though, made me realize how The Mirraz pump out new sounds at the same rate tabloids hit the check-out counter. The group play musical dress-up with various styles of rock – garagey stuff one minute, more melancholic vibes the next – and they aren’t hiding where they borrow these threads from. Sure, all music pretty much copies something that came before in an effort to imitate something beloved, but The Mirraz seem a little more obvious about it then most. SparkPlugged peg “あーあ” as “U2 sounding” and I have to agree – this sounds like The Mirraz trying to do big swooping arena rock, the sort of thing you wave a call phone around for.

Just like the kid in high school who slacks his way to good grades but wins everyone over with good humor though, The Mirraz slap just enough of a personal touch over this…and everything they imitate…to be more than just Silly Putty. Mainly, they have those rapid-fire vocals, which lean closer to fast talking than singing. As long as they keep doing that, they’ll always get style points. And hey – the group does a damn good imitation of big, stadium rock, nothing half-assed about it. If you’re gonna cop, do it right, The Mirraz attest to. Lord knows how many full-length albums they can drop in one year using this formula.