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New The Oto Factory: Recruit

Funky synth-pop outfit have called on…errrr, recruited?…some friends to help them out on their new release via Ano(t)raks. And turns out guest singers and contributors help boos their music up a level. While not the first time they’ve called on others to jump on their loose-limbed neon grooves, this is the first time every single number revolves around a guest. It shines best on “Summer Vacation ’91,” a bouncy, wistful dance-pop number anchored by Punipuni Denki‘s voice. She glides over the group’s synth arrangements and talk-box vocals (this effect tends to work best alongside another voice, not on its own), resulting in one of the smoothest songs The Oto Factory have put together. The other two songs feature raps, which work well bouncing off of The Oto Factory’s sound. The laid-back “Night In Tokyo” works best, finding outfit Jabba Da Hutt Football Club (not sure I’ve written about them here on the blog before so, let’s note…INCREDIBLE name) tag-teaming over the verses, leaving the band itself to do what they do best…write a great hook. Get it here, or listen above.