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New Three-Weeks-Old Lovesick Puppy: “屋根裏ポスト (Pico Pico Ver.)”

Surprise surprise, some people get turned off by the name Three-Weeks-Old Lovesick Puppy. Not that this is shocking in any way – it is the sort of moniker bound to put off a lot of people. Factor in the whole “twee” sound…and the fact people seem more repulsed by the idea of “twee” than actual indie pop but that’ssssss another post…and yeah Three-Weeks-Old Lovesick Puppy won’t be making tons of fans who don’t have Cute Overload bookmarked. Yet “屋根裏ポスト (Pico Pico Ver.)” actually shows the musical range of the group, recasting them from picnic music to an alternate soundtrack to Kirby’s Dreamland. One of Tickle Tickle’s more uptempo tracks gets spazzed out, glops of 8-Bit energy thrown onto the song. It’s an interesting redo, and the best Strawberry Machine song of the past year for sure (har har me). Doubt it will change anyone’s perception of this group, but for those already in the fold it’s a nice treat. Listen here.