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New (To Us) Electronic Round-Up: Dead End, Nekokawawa And Anemoneluv

Quick late-afternoon round-up of some good electronic stuff lurking around the edges of the Internet:

– Sometimes, it’s good to let a lot of goofiness into your music. Dead End’s “Kaishin Shiro” is an acid-tinged dance number loaded up with vocal samples of people talking (at times about disco) and children giggling, along with a few other left-field noises creeping in. Those offer a silly charm…or an unsettling edge, your mileage will vary…but the real charm of the song is the way it bursts opens and then veers off into new directions. Including, most jarringly, a sample of Japanese psychedelic rock. OK yeah, sure, why not. Listen above.

– A running theme with this post is a vague sense of mystery surrounding each act…or, more accurately, a near lack of information about them. Nekokawawa creates quick but pleasantly woozy numbers, and “Agamete Mature” is a good intro point to his brand of unpredictability. Built from synth washes and twinkling, almost-8-bit notes, it whizzes around towards a bit of an unexpected ending. Note the pirate-ish accordion segment, too. Listen below.

– Sapporo’s Anemoneluv creates lovely, buzzy electronic songs…but is also apt at letting them dissolve into nothingness. His latest, “Foolish Summer Night,” brings to mind the melancholy simplicity of someone like i-fls, but the track frequently cuts in and out, waves of static overtaking the pleasant night-time-worthy melody. Listen below.