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New Toiret Status: “#47”

Last year in Japanese music, for me at least, was defined by the experimental meaning-we-do-not-need-no-meaning-here wonder of producers such as Foodman, DJWWWW and Toiret Status. Their chaotic but delightfully dizzying exercises in exploring sounds — regardless of how out there those noises got — crystalized the most head-spinning movement in the country going, and made for a handy soundtrack to a year where sussing out coherence seemed idiotic at best. Welp, 2017 ain’t much better, so bring on the Toiret Status! “#47” features cascading synth notes and a whack-a-mole approach to split-second vocals, complete with something approaching a squeak. Everything collides into one another like a particularly confusing Rube Goldberg machine. And it comes with a video matching up with the sound just right. Listen above.