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New Tomggg: Popteen

Not quite time to break out the year-end accolade around these parts yet…getting closer…and that’s good, because producer Tomggg just released a new three-song album via Maltine Records. Despite only boasting a trio of new material, Tomggg overloads almost every second of these numbers with sounds. Each song is named after a Japanese fashion magazine aimed at young women, so it is possible these cuteness-stuffed songs are meant to evoke those glossies teenage reader base. Well, good work – the skittery “ViVi” is skittery (Vocaloid?) vocals tripping over a cotton-candy storm of synths. It’s sort of what I wish CAPSULE’s Caps Lock explored more this year. “So-En” fakes out with a minimal introduction, but soon the wisps of digi voice enter in and the song transforms into a shifty dancefloor number. Best of all is the title track, a candy-coated bit of “EDM” (which is to say, there is a drop but wherein, say, Skrillex would aim for sonic schrapnell, Tomggg wants to show you his Candy Crush score). It’s delirious for us types who like dancing but don’t like the eye-rolling machoism. Get it here.