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New Toyomu: “Maboroshi”

Toyomu’s radical re-works — especially that one — are always going to be the immediate image of the Kyoto artist for a lot of people. But “Maboroshi” shines because it channels all the other elements that have been present in Toyomu’s original music, synthesizing them into one squiggly track. Traces of his Brainfeeder-loving early days shine through, while the slightly faded synthesizer melodies recall more recent post-Kanye experiments. And adding some local charm to the whole thing is a sample of what sounds like a Japanese children’s choir singing, adding a lightness to the whole thing. Most importantly of all? Whereas previous Toyomu creations could feel closer to sketches (or just beats seeking…something), “Maboroshi” stands alone and goes through a whole arc. Listen above.