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New Toyomu: Souda, Kyoto


Toyomu (or TOYOMU, probably should make a style guide for this blog) has been having himself quite a busy year. Souda, Kyoto is his fourth release of 2016, and that’s on top of live shows as far West as Tokyo (and not to mention that media attention). If each work of his has had a theme running through it — whether that be interpretations of other works or being built from older Japanese sons — Souda, Kyoto find Toyomu celebrating his hometown with a set of electronic music drawing from the sounds of the ancient capital. It includes samples of traditional music colliding with modern beats — see the elegant beatwork of “Azuma No Niji” – and instances where time gets blurred and the sound of children singing turns trippy (“Ma Ru Ta Ke”). Get it here, or listen below.