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New Tricot: “DeDeDe”

It’s pretty crazy how, like, notable Tricot have gotten over the past year? This was a group that was mostly overlooked by Japanese media, until they started getting more Western recognition…which allowed them to get that lovely reverse-import effect. They aren’t Babymetal-huge or anything, but they’ve moved up the ranks considerably. And new album 3 is being put out by pretty decent-sized labels in the West, and they’ve gotten blog premiers. Latest song “DeDeDe” first appeared on Gold Flake Paint, and finds Tricot doing what they they are best at — transforming twisty-turvy guitar playing into something deeply catchy. “DeDeDe” features a lot of nice little touches among all the math-rock signifiers, like the vocal flourishes lurking in the back, which add nice depth. Yet “DeDeDe” is ultimately a reminder that Tricot have this style locked down, and can find new angles…angular angles?…on it all their own. Listen above.