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New Tricot: “Pork Ginger”

(Obligatory “oh hey I interviewed Tricot for The Fader last week, check it out” sentence)

What Tricot have always pulled off so well — but what they’ve especially gotten good at doing over their last two releases — is making such carefully planned out music sound like its seconds away from breaking apart. New song “Pork Ginger” starts slow, letting the interlocking guitars take their time to get anywhere, before everything picks up suddenly and the song is darting forward, practically pausing for breath at places before sprinting off again. “Pork Ginger” does highlight one of the sonic elements have done so well playing around with, which is their use of vocals. Here, they both serve as another calculated detail in the form of the ah-ahs that float up, and then in something more wild via lead singer Ikkyu Nakajima’s singing, which swings from whisper to near shout. Listen above.