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New Turntable Films: “Collection Of You”

Remember last week when I wrote about Kyoto folkies Turntable Films had a new mini-album dropping sometime in November? Turns out if I’d waited, oh, one day I could have guided ya’ll to some actual music from said new album instead of teasing you with a tracklist. 10 Days Plus One track “Collection Of You” can be heard over here, and it’s a little bit of a change-up following the giddy “2steps.” Though Turntable Films still gallop away, the overall mood on “Collection” skews towards downtrodden, vocalist Yosuke Inoue’s lyrics taking the spotlight. It’s tough to tell without a lyrics sheet if he’s talking about love coming to an end or just the inevitability of death we all have to stare down, but his relatively soft line “everyone will disappear in the end” makes it clear that, either way, it’s no fun and going to happen. The rest of the group serve up a low-key indie-pop background that drives the melancholy home…especially those lonely woodland keyboards.

The group’s label, the excellent Second Royal Records, have also put up an album teaser as well which you can watch below. Sounds like Turntable Films sipped some Fleet Foxes syrup.