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New :visited: “Amazing Reality (1996)”

Hmmmmm, without consulting Wikipedia, let me try to remember what happened in 1996. Bob Dole ran for president and Al Gore did the macarena, Space Jam blessed the world with its existence and the Olympics were held in (lol) Atlanta that year, complete with totally terrible mascot. I vividly recall the last memory, because my family was on vacation and we got in a fight with the neighboring hotel patrons during the opening ceremonies. Good times! CUZ ME PAIN’s :visited either unearthed a really old track from 1996 or has very fond memories of those days, having released a new track called “Amazing Reality (1996).” Latching onto a particularly sweet guitar sample and the label’s trademark dreamy synths, :visited crafts an under-two-minutes-long flash of light that’s warm and also capable of getting you moving. It’s brief, but while it lasts it is a pleasant memory. Though I’m not sure why 1996. Listen below.

[bandcamp track=2475152482 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]