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New Woopheadclrms: Vs o​.​t​.​O​.​g​.​I

The Japanese experimental community built around high-impact samples and disjointed electronic melodies that should rupture but always meld continues strong in 2018, and Aichi’s Woopheadclrms only adds to the growing catalog. They waste no time getting attention — second song “Empire of Shopping Mall” opens with spacious electronic waves, but a hi-def scream rips through the calm before an onslaught of, like, octaned-up radio bumpers (a cornerstone sonic influence on Woopheadclrms and others in this community) crash around. From there, delicate piano notes collide with distorted electronic noise and jazz beats (“Meaning”), sampled talking morphing into electric guitar squall (“Indie”), and all sorts of things fracture (like, every song on the album). Helping out Woopheadclrms’ latest are interludes that usually just fiddle around with vocal samples, offering a breather before the next experiment in breaking sounds down and making them inexplicably fit together. Get it here, or listen below.