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New X-Files: Love Everything But The Paranoia

Dear fucking lord, those times when you just want to slide inside of music to escape the pressures of real life…really, to evaporate away from the sea of demands the days can foist upon you. The past week has been that for me, and getting jazzed about anything on the ol’ SoundCloud feed or Tumblr dash has been tough. Bless X-Files…the drone-leaning project that has already grabbed a lot of digital space around this blog in 2015…for timing his new album Love Everything But The Paranoia now. It is pure cosmic luck that this project’s latest is the sort of slow-burning, wordless music meant for one to just vanish in to.

Though that’s selling it a bit short…this isn’t ambient furniture-store music, but a constantly shifting, at time tumultuous set. The first song shifts through three distinct phases, from ominous static prelude to life-affirming synth glow to menacing outro. A beat emerges on the galloping “She’ll Come Running,” though the addition of a piano adds plenty of unease. And one great finale…another slow burner begging to be jumped into. I needed this. Get it here, or listen below.