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New Yackle Featuring De De Mouse and Saki Misaka: “Feel Me”

This one works better as a study in musical styles colliding than as a fully formed song, though the sections where “Feel Me” just goes off are really something. Yackle, a name associated with Tokyo Recordings and who just dropped a new album called Frank Throw yesterday, teams up with De De Mouse and singer/songwriter Saki Misaka for this one. Misaka adds a light human touch to this one via her singing — and her voice also mutates into an instrument in the hands of these two producers, who chop it up and eventually let it vibe with whatever direction they take the fizzy sounds. But what is most interesting is seeing how Yackle and De De Mouse’s very defined approaches to electronic music work together, resulting in a meeting point between twinkling dance-pop and harder-edged festival stuff. It really takes off at the very end, when they just drop the idea of this being a traditional song of any sorts and just letting ideas bounce off one another, from warped-voice breakdowns to bubblier moments of jubilation. Listen above.