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New YAGI: Flowers EP

There is a moment on the song “Joints” from beatmaker YAGI’s new EP Flowers in which he coolly admits his major source of inspiration. Relatively early into the song – and only for a second or two, and only once at that – you can hear the same siren sample the late J. Dilla used as a sort of signature on the beats he made. It confirms what seemed obvious before and seems even more head-slappingly clear after listening to the eight-track Flowers…dude loves Dilla, and takes a lot of inspiration from the Detroit producer when making out-of-time, sample-heavy beats. This EP highlights YAGI’s smarts – “Day&Night” warps a sample into something that sounds like it is splitting up into particles, or the little details of “Ice Cream” (that voice that seems to be saying “dutto”). Get the EP for free here.