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New Yoshino Yoshikawa: “Kawaii Candy”

This morning, Perfume announced a forthcoming album titled Level 3. This put me in an excellent mood, and made me want to listen to some gooey pop music. I jump over to SoundCloud, spirits high, and see a new song from producer Yoshino Yoshikawa called “Kawaii Candy.” It’s labelled as “ULTRAPOP.” Bless your soul Yoshikawa.

“Kawaii Candy” could also be labelled “Kirby’s Dreamland-core” and be on point. It’s a collection of chirpy synths seemingly ripped from a Super Nintendo cartridge, the whole thing bubbling along. There are no words here, because Yoshikawa doesn’t need words when the sounds he lays down shine through so brightly. It’s a colorful track that also doesn’t just get by on being cute…it goes through several stages, and is every bit as compelling as it is rainbow-bright. This would probably work well at lifting someone’s spirits, but heck it wows even when your already bubbly. Listen below.