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New Yoshino Yoshikawa: “Kawaii Macaron”

Perhaps you’ve heard the word “kawaii” used…a ton over the past year? I mean, more than usual (especially if you teach junior high school children), as “kawaii” was brought out to describe all sorts of artists, ranging from an expected J-pop star like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu but also for the loopy likes of SOPHIE and Ana Caprix. It’s a word that could probably use a little bit of a vacation, but along comes Tokyo producer Yoshino Yoshikawa with a new song that actually warrant the cute diction. “Kawaii Macaron” is the spiritual sequel to his “Kawaii Candy,” one that follows the same sugar-spiked hop but adds even more sounds into the synth confection, including cat meows and sampled chants of “hey.” It is Yoshikawa flexing his “ultrapop” style to its cuddliest borders. Listen above.