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New Your Gold, My Pink: “Virgin Suicides”

Your Gold, My Pink have some real stones on them. They’ve named their debut full-length album…out next Wednesday…Teenage Riot, which also happens to be the title of one of the best rock songs ever recorded (in my humble opinion). Not content to stare down Sonic Youth, the album’s first single is called “Virgin Suicides,” which apes the Jeffrey Eugenides novel and the Sofia Coppola movie (and, uh, Air score). Your Gold, My Pink seem to be cramming in the references, but can the music rise above all the cultural callbacks?

Sort of. The first half of “Virgin Suicides” lazily shuffles forward, sleepy singing and guitar layers accented by little bell chime noises. It isn’t bad – rather, it’s quite peaceful, too peaceful. Your Gold, My Pink shine when they get energetic and let go of themselves a bit, like on 2010’s superb track “Adolescence.” That song burst with teenage energy, while the first half of “Virgin Suicides” feels like a 20-something’s boring walk to work.

Yet the second half proves much better, although not for the reasons one would expect. “Virgin Suicides” actually gets a little slower, the guitar feedback replaced by a more delicate strumming that brings to mind the soundtrack to those fairy caves from Legend Of Zelda. Your Gold, My Pink submerge the song a bit, replacing ho-hum generic rock with a fragile dreaminess that seems ready to snap back into reality at any second. This part doesn’t last long, but it is sort of appropriate. Listen below.