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New YUC’e: “Summer Night Hiking”

Is it too early for a victory lap? Maybe not, given the upward trajectory YUC’e finds herself on — 2018 has been a continued high for the all-over-the-place artist, releasing an OK (albeit exploring slightly well-worn territory) EP and playing shows across Japan and abroad. “Summer Night Hiking” comes off like a moment to catch her breath and really soak in all she has managed so far. It’s built on Disney movie piano and a chorus of YUC’e’s singing out la la las. It’s all feel-good stuff, slowly rumbling up courtesy of a welcome jitter of percussion before plunging into what really feels like the fireworks, that bass drop in the center. Here’s the sound of an artist known for winding all over the place catching her breath, but still coming up with a nice mutation on something that should be filler — like, we don’t normally go for ballads around these parts. Critically, here’s hoping she keeps moving up. Get it here or listen below.