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New Yuri Urano: Autline

The latest release from Yuri Urano — formerly Yullippe — finds a mix between the Osaka artist’s familiar slow-burning tension and new turns. The biggest change comes on the title track, which finds Urano using her own voice more heavily to create disorienting details. The other semi-departure (not quite as pronounced as on “Autline”) comes on the finale of “Massio,” which skews closer to Urano’s preferred industrial chug, but here gone to a busy extreme with vocal samples sounding off behind the flurry of noise above. Right in the middle, though, are two tracks playing on her strong skills, with the rumbling “Pec” and the seven-minute shiver of “Knock,” the release’s highlight and a great example of using space to generate unease. Get it here, or listen below.