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New Zombie-Chang: “Saredo-Shiawase”

A lot has changed for Zombie-Chang over the last few years, but at the same time her approach to new-wave-brushed pop remains pretty true to what she’s been doing since Zombie-Change. “Saredo-Shiawase” is a new single that finds her embracing synthesizer whirs to create a buzzing number nodding to early ’80s artists who made wonky pop out of similar elements. This has always been her path, but the overall sound quality has improved from bedroom fuzz to something polished. But even then, the energy remains, here underlined by a particularly sticky chorus and those energetic “hey hey hey heys” punching up in the background. Watch above.

I’d also recommend going on to your preferred streaming service and listening to the digital single, which comes with a b-side called “New Zombie-Change 2019,” a left-field bit of sample-mania matching up soothing Australian (?) voices with a gentle bounce and Zombie-Chang imploring you to “check, check, check it out.”