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Nice Hoodies: Schloder

I’m hesitant to admit it, but the reason I gave Schloder a click in the first place was because of their impressive array of hoodies featured in the photo above. It reminded me of that one Mae Shi video where they all wore different colored shirts. I’m easily amused by colors. Schloder’s newest song, “Forget Everything,” doesn’t make the greatest first impression – it’s an OK rip-off of Weezer’s “In The Garage” with a total cheeseball chorus – but the group’s older material gives me enough hope to warrant this write up. “New Vision” packs a near-tropical punch with it’s semi-ska guitar brightness, and unlike “Forget Everything” actually works some power into the pop. Same goes for “Supersonic,” which passes as a very good Fountains Of Wayne track. And Schloder can pull off a solid slower track – “I Remembered” manages to evoke the best parts of Rivers Cuomo’s band without sounding like a direct cribbing of the blue album.