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No Not That One: End’s Not Near’s “Indian Summer”

It’s appropriate that Japanese experimental artist End’s Not Near’s song “Indian Summer” was made for a movie. The Meso-Meso-minimalism-by-way-of-post-rock sound of the track lends itself to acting as a soundtrack, but “Indian Summer” is so much more than some ambient gauze. This song manages to stand out divorced from whatever images its meant to go over – various wispy drones float in the background while bells twinkle away up front. It’s the little interruptions of noise trying to break through this, though, that make the first half of “Indian Summer” so grabbing. Then…two voices diced for most of the track finally break through and talk. Then the song blooms into a sort of low-budget Sigur Ros. Download the track at End’s Not Near’s record label Bad Panda’s website.

(Via JPop Lover)