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Noise And Novel: Koeosaeme’s Sonorant

Orange Milk Records knows how to find them. The American label that shined a bright light on Foodman, DJWWWW and Toiret Status among others now presents Tokyo-based artist Koeosaeme, who explores similar ground as the aforementioned but ultimately finds their own path forward on the woozy Sonorant. Koeosaeme stands out because of speed — whereas Foodman explores individual sound and DJWWW goes for an at-times-chaotic collage approach to samples, the songs on Sonorant skitter all over themselves, Koeosaeme interested in how individual notes work when laid out in such a way that even the brief moments of whirlwind work to the overall melody. Voices appear rarely, often in chopped-up version (see the fast-slow skipper “Replace”). Whether seeing what the death of a computer connection might sound like (“isBuffer”) or creating swift rippled sounds (“Head”), Koeosaeme makes sure the songs always hold together, regardless of how fragmented they get. Get it here, or listen below.