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Norihito Ogawa Remixes Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites”

The only thing I know about Skrillex is that he teamed up with Korn to release a dubstep song and that said track is as absolutely as dreadful as you’d expect from a Korn dubstep-laced song. So I’ve never listened to his “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” song before now, and overall it comes off as an OK electronic song that transforms into what I imagine most comedians would imagine the dance genre to sound like. Tokyo’s Norihito Ogawa gives his hand at remixing the Skrillex song, and manages to streamline the thing into something both scary and nice at the same time. The Skrillex original seems roughly split up between pleasant, chopped-vocal electro and soul-shattering bleakness powered by wobble from Hell. Ogawa sticks a simple beat underneath the whole thing and speeds it up slightly, but now the “scary” portion of this track isn’t as abrasive as originally made to be, more of a rough detour that isn’t so far removed from the much nicer sounding bits. A slight but smart rework, listen below.

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